Life Hack- Pandora Alarm

If you are like me, you need encouragement to get up in the morning.  I have found that I hate regular alarms.  I also find that if the alarm is abrupt, I am eager to hit the dismiss button.  I know the snooze button is better to push, but my hand always goes for that dismiss and it feels good.  So, as a result, I sometimes oversleep, I am a night owl/worker.  I may have just found my saving grace.  Instead of setting 5 alarms that go off one after another, I want music to gently wake me up and get me going.  I recently remembered an article I had read a couple years ago about Pandora (the music streaming app that I love even though everyone keeps trying to get me to switch to Slacker, I actually like the constant variety that Pandora gives me and I have other things to think about than being really specific with my song list).  Pandora has a built in alarm clock, so I can create a wake up station that will start playing a variety of music every morning for me to wake up to.  Instead of waking up pissed off at the alarm clock for rudely waking me up, I get gently caressed with a variety of music designed to wake me up and get me ready to go.  It’s Awesome!!!

I will say several other devices do this as well, such as Google home mini, Alexa, etc, but I figure my phone is already there waking me up, might as well use it.  It is also a good idea to use the sleep feature that most phones have, so it doesn’t bother you in the middle of the night, kicking you out of those precious ZZZZs.  Want to know how to setup your Pandora Alarm?

Open the App, Click on the Menu Icon

Go to the Settings Page

Find the Alarm toggle and set time.

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