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We don’t offer services like other companies, we tell stories that use a variety of tools to entice and engage your clientele, while helping you create an experience they won’t forget.  We aren’t finished until they are your biggest fans.

In the beginning it was good to just have a website.  It was your marker online to introduce you to the world.  People went there on their computers and called you because they found you.  Today is another story.  It is no longer good enough to be online, you must be online, and on mobile and on social media.  A good websites brings all this together under one umbrella.  Creating interaction in a responsive format.  The old days of shouting from the rooftops to look at me are no longer viable options, you have to entice your audience and tell them a story that they can connect to, then engage them in the idea, and bring them into your experience.


Branding is not just a logo, and not just a name.  Branding is a complete identity and how people interact with that identity.  Branding is the experience of interacting with a company.  It starts with a well thought out unique name.  Followed by an eye catching unique logo that tells part of the story of working with your company.  Then there is the online and physical presence of the website and the business cards and fliers and signs and all the like.  Bringing all this together into one ecosystem is the goal of not just a good brand, a great one.

Good video is more than just popping out your phone and hitting the record button.  A good video has a storyline that draws you in and makes you want to learn more.  Quality video is always worth the money when you consider the list of things that you can do with it.  When you are looking for a video, make sure to gauge by previous performance and never settle for ho hum video, story or quality.  In the same way, quality images are more about how and why the image is taken than what the image is.  As easy as it may be to snap a picture from a phone, when it comes to your marketing, it is not the best way to do it.  Understanding lighting, frame, what each person reads into a picture is vital in creating quality marketing images.


Frazier Creative is the culmination of 10 years of creating experience driven marketing.  Marketing is no longer just a service to sell your stuff.  Marketing is interactive.  The goal of good marketing is to create a story that entices your potential clientele.  Once they are enticed, you are able to engage.   Engaging your clients in your story creates an attachment.  When your clientele becomes part of your story, they are part of your experience.

People are tired of old school marketing, they want an experience.  They want to be part of a story, your story.  That is what we do.  We work with you to create a story worth getting involved in.


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I met Mr. Frazier several years ago when I needed my website updated and some SEO work done. He came highly recommended by my professional peers. After researching his history and reviewing his previous work, my husband and I were very satisfied that James was fully capable of performing the desired tasks. Mr. Frazier definitely exceeded our expectations, both in skill and customer service. I am proud to say that 5 years later, James still maintains my website and has become a very dear friend in the process. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!
Greg and Heather Cannon, Caliber roofing and Restoration

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